Been Referred?

Whether we provide sessions free through your GP or sessions that you fund privately, we will provide the most suitable and proven therapy for you.

At Talking Therapies, we provide any of the proven therapies (such as CBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy) because we have highly skilled therapists that are not tied to one brand name talking therapy, but to what works.

We launched the service in Brighton, East Sussex in 2010, and from 2014 will be extending it across all of Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, into London, then nationally.

What happens next?

You can book an assessment appointment with a therapist by contacting us here.

If you have an IAPT (Increased Access to Psychological Therapies) service in your area, please consider talking to your GP for referral for a free cognitive behavioural therapy service in Brighton, or the surrounding towns, cities and counties that we cover, through them.

Importantly, when you are looking for CBT therapy, with us or anyone else – please do check the qualifications of people who advertise to be offering CBT to be a minimum of one year specifically in CBT, and that they also have CBT supervision from a (BABCP, (CBT specialist)) accredited therapist, as many do not have this.