Therapies We Offer

Our highly experienced Talking Therapies practitioners specialise in providing only the psychological therapies that have the strongest clinical evidence.

Talking Therapies will match the most effective therapy and the most suitable therapist to you.

What makes us different is our use of the most experienced and expert practitioners, working exclusively with the best evidence-based therapies.

We are not tied to one approach over another like most therapists and services; we only provide therapy that has been shown to work by the very best evidence available.

For more information on this approach see here, or have a look at the different types of therapy (on the left here) to find out more.

Originaklly started in Brighton, we are developing to offer therapies in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire as well as London, and nationally.

Importantly, when you are looking for CBT therapy, with anyone Рplease so check the qualifications of people who advertise to be a minimum of one year specifically in CBT, and that they have CBT supervision from an accredited therapist, as many do not have this.

If you want to contact us to arrange sessions, please do so here.